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Treating Addiction & Mental Health Disorders Simultaneously - Addiction Therapist Hinsdale

Mental disorders do not discriminate. They can affect anyone regardless of their upbringing, age, race, education, financial situation, and gender. When you have an addiction and mental disorders simultaneously, it is called a dual diagnosis.

Though combined addiction and mental health disorders is a tough situation, people can develop either substance abuse or mental illness first. Mental issues like PTSD, anxiety and depression begin by initially taking drugs in a misguided effort to self-medicate and ease the negative feelings.

Alcohol or other drugs can exacerbate the symptoms of mental issues. People with substance misuse problems can also develop depression and other disorders, especially when their addiction makes them isolated from family and friends.


How Prevalent Are Addiction/Mental Health Disorders?

According to the National Survey of 2016 on Drug Use and Health, about 8.2 million adults aged 18 or older, or 3.4% of all adults, have both mental issues and substance abuse disorders within the past year, and almost 2.6 million adults, i.e., about 1.1% of all adults had co-occurring disorders.

The report also states that about half of the people of the former group didn't opt for either mental health care or for substance abuse Addiction Therapist Hinsdale treatment, and only a third of adults of the latter group visited a care center.

Treating Addiction & Mental Health Disorders

People who simultaneously experience both the issues may experience the symptoms of co-occurring disorders of different severity at different times. People who have both disorders may experience difficulty in recovery and can take a longer time to do so. However, it doesn't mean that recovery is not possible.

A qualified therapist can successfully treat a depressed person who is simultaneously addicted to drugs and alcohol at the same time.

It would help if you opted for an Addiction Therapist Oak Brook treatment care that offers a comprehensive plan to treat dual diagnosis. These recovery programs are customizable, and here are some elements:

  • Medically managed detox
  • Psychiatric counseling and therapy
  • Impatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Holistic services

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